Content Tattva Oracle ERP Upgrade Service

Content Tattva Oracle ERP Upgrade Service

The current challenge faced by Enterprise customers who have Oracle E-Business 11.5.10 or older version are Oracle has decided not to support older versions, This ERP contains lots of enterprise data and there are lots of customization, ERP is the backbone for Financial system of Organization and if there is any breakage on this then the business can come to a grinding stop. Hence as Oracle is going to desupport Oracle E-business 11.5.10 so the business cannot get product bug support as well as statutory patches. So the question is most CIO’s have are, do they upgrade or re-implement ERP. Both of them are valid approaches and have pitfalls.

The re-implementation is a complex process that will require significant investment on time and money from the Organization whereas upgrade is a relatively simpler and less risky approach, But the advantage of the upgrade is that Organization retains all of its data, necessary customization, user training, and acceptance issue are much simpler to handle.

Content Tattva understands that upgrading to the new Oracle E-business Version is very important for clients, We have developed our E-business upgrade solution which can make the Oracle E-business upgrade to 12.2.9 from an older version Oracle E-Business suite a simple exercise. We have developed an automated script that can identify the current customers.

We have been running an upgrade program for Oracle Customers globally, We have also partnered with Oracle Consulting for migration of Oracle E-business customers to the new version in Oracle Managed Cloud.

Case Study

We have recently migrated Oracle E-Business from to 12.2.9 version on Oracle Managed Cloud. The customer operates in five countries in Europe and Australia and has modules such as Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management, Project Accounting, Oracle HRMS, Self Service, and Oracle Time and Labour. The client has more than 200 custom objects all of which were migrated successfully. This project was completed in 5 months and the client went live with zero priority one case. 


Our Offer

We are an Oracle ERP firm having very strong expertise in doing Oracle Implementation, Support, and Migration work for more than two decades. We offer free upgrade assessment and once we offer you our report you can take an informed decision whether you want to go for an upgrade, reimplement or move to an altogether new ERP system.


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